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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the conference be in person or online?
    The conference will be face-to-face and will include, in addition to debate tables, lectures, visits and workshops.


  • Where will the conference be held?
    In Sao Paulo.
    On the 20th and 21/09/2023 there will be lectures and round tables at Sesc Vila Mariana:
    R. Pelotas, 141 – Vila Mariana, São Paulo – SP, 04012-000.
    On the 22nd and 23/09/23 there will be visits and workshops, in different places in the cities of São Paulo, Jundiaí, Mogi das Cruzes and surroundings – meeting point at Sesc Vila Mariana.


  • Will there be live streaming or recording?
    The conference will not be transmitted live and online, but the contents of the 20th and 21st of September will be recorded, edited, and later made available to the public on Youtube.


  • Will the conference be open to all audiences?
    The conference aims to bring together professionals from different areas – education, architecture, health and arts – who work in both public and private institutions and who believe that nature and play collaborate in promoting physical and mental health and well-being for all people. 


  • Is there any requirement to attend the event?
    In order to participate, you must register, which will start in June 2023. At this time, if you are interested, please click there and send us your email to to receive a notice when registration opens!!


  • ¿Is the conference free or paid?
    La conferencia es paga. Los valores son:


      • Days 20 and 21/09/23:
        Full Sesc SP credential – BRL 18.00
        Half ticket – BRL 30.00
        General public – BRL 60.00


      • Visits (days 22 or 23/09/23 – prices per visit*):
        Full Sesc SP credential – BRL 18.00
        Half ticket – BRL 30.00
        General public – BRL 60.00
        * it will be possible to enroll in only 1 visit per participant.


  • Will there be a certificate of participation?
    Yes. A link to issue the certificate, which is virtual, will be sent by email after the Conference.


  • Is it expected to happen in any other capital?
    No, the Conference will take place exclusively in São Paulo. 


  • Will it be possible to submit works? What are the requirements?
    Registration of academic works, experiences and initiatives will be accepted until the 16/04. See registration instructions on the main page.