Greener and healthier schools and spaces for children

International meeting will discuss how to create environments rich in nature to collaborate with climate change and improve children's physical and mental health
Crianças observando uma flor, ao ar livre, em espaços mais verdes e saudáveis para as crianças

21 Mar Greener and healthier schools and spaces for children

Stepping on the ground, feeling the sun’s warmth, running freely, challenging your body to climb a tree. These are essential experiences for the integral development of children. But, unfortunately, they are less and less common. With the disorderly growth of cities, the increase in inequality, insecurity, and climate change, how can we guarantee spaces that collaborate to make cities greener and more resilient, where children can play and learn in contact with Nature, create a bond with her and enjoy all the benefits that this contact brings?

Schools play a crucial role in finding solutions to this issue. They are spread throughout the city, and it is in the school spaces where children spend most of their time. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee, inside or around schools, places where children can be outdoors and pedagogical practices that include playing and learning with and in Nature. This opportunity to play, learn and grow in greener spaces allows children and young people to create bonds with Nature and, thus, develop a greater sense of care and preservation, which is essential to promote actions to combat and mitigate climate change.

It is with these assumptions in mind, and also how to disseminate and give light to successful practical cases, that the Children and Nature program of the Alana Institute will host, for the first time in Latin America, the International Conference – Naturalized Spaces for Children“, in September 2023. In partnership with the International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) and Sesc-SP (Social Service of Commerce of São Paulo), the event aims to encourage outdoor learning and foster a movement for formal and non-formal educational spaces with more Nature.

The conference, which will take place in São Paulo from September 20th to 23rd, 2023, will bring together professionals from different fields – education, architecture, health, and arts – who work in both public and private institutions and who believe that Nature collaborates in the promotion of physical and mental health and brings well-being to all children. The meeting will showcase Brazilian experiences and dialogue with other countries proposals. It will also include visits to educational spaces and workshops for creating toys and equipment with natural materials.

If you are an educator, architect, landscaper, manager of school spaces, or interested in understanding how to bring children closer to Nature, be sure to participate!

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